Our Olive Oils

3 Oils , 3 Flavors , 3 Stories

Serenity, Peace, Eternity…

Three symbols of the olive tree that perfectly illustrate the enchanting setting of Domaine Souviou.

The cultivation of the olive tree is an integral part of the history of Souviou and the presence of millennia-old subjects testifies that this privileged site has always been a land of choice for man. The emblematic tree of the Mediterranean landscape, is here charged with legends of the past.

Since antiquity, its olives have been essential for the extraction of green gold; olive oil!                      Served at the table, it is also known for its medicinal virtues and the elaboration of cosmetics.

At the entrance of the property, the first olive trees open the doors of a real conservatory of 7000 olive trees majestically erected on restanques.                                                                                                             Each trunk sculpted by age is unique.

Twelve varieties of olives color our land and fully express their personality in our olive oil blends.

In the olive grove, a constant maintenance is essential until the harvest ;                  annual pruning, manuring and natural treatment, irrigation of young plantations.

The reasoned culture is carried out with respect for our environment.

For the earliest varieties, harvesting begins at the end of October and lasts until December.                                                                                                                                            The olives are picked when fully ripe using electric combs.

A recently built mill equipped with the latest technology has been introduced on the estate. The olives are thus cold pressed on the day of harvest to optimize the freshness and quality of the aromas of our oils.

We select each olive to obtain 3 “Extra Virgin” vintages in fruity green and ripe fruity: Olea Selvatica, Olea Plinia & Olea Virgilia.