The Estate

Domaine Souviou tells a story through its many vestiges of the past. A beautiful 15th century chateau (“Bastide”) with a chapel anchors the property. More traces of history are found among the water wells, stone terraces and even bee walls. Many of these ruins have been restored by owner and Polytechnic Engineer Roger Jaar, allowing guests to experience the way of life on the Domaine from centuries ago.
In walking among the 75 hectares of the Domaine, you may feel like you have been transported back to the era of Renaissance. Beyond the grape vineyards, the rolling hills full of olive trees and the Roman courtyards, Souviou includes many hectares of untouched woodlands. The dense, virgin growth forest here is home to abundant wildlife. The 6000 olive trees rise majestically above the many hills. When you finally reach the peak of the Domaine, the Mediterranean Sea sparkles in the distance. The placement of the vineyard blesses the grapes with full sunshine, year round, from dawn to dusk. Part of the charm at Domain Souviou is to see the traditions carried on: everything is done by hand, honoring the art of French oil and wine making.


                                     The Winery


                    The entrance to the country house


                    The Vineyard


         Olive Grove